About ME

Hey, I'm Cherie and I am so happy to see you here on my little blog!

I originally started this blog in 2014  as a way of promoting my t-shirt and cushion cover range that I had designed that had been inspired by 70s vintage rock and road trips. 


I really enjoy meeting other creative people and anyone who has an interesting and inspiring story to tell. I also like to photograph them in their natural habitat ;)

I love taking road trips in my gypsy van and going on adventures, usually spontaneously.  I love taking photos of the places I see and the people I meet even more!


My personal style is best described as a combination of boho and 70s vintage with a touch of western( I love my cowboy boots!) and a little bit of rock n roll. I have always collected and worn vintage and like to style it together with new and thrifted items to give it a unique style. 
I like to add a bit of a personal touch with each fashion post and are often inspired by music and lyrics.

Some random facts:

★ My fiancé (update: now husband!) is a musician in two popular bands. One is a rock band and the other is a reggae band. I met him through the reggae band as I used to go to almost every show they did. I was a bit of a groupie but never thought I would end up engaged to a member! I have a post with more about this here
★ Absolute music lover to the hundredth degree. I'm not an expert at playing anything but I do know how to play the piano and the drums a little. I also do love a bit of tambourine. Our house is filled with music every single day and I love it.
★ I  look for the beauty everywhere I go. This means I'm always looking around and appear to be off with the fairies half the time.



★ I can't watch any tv shows or movies with animals in it because it is guaranteed I will cry and become an absolute mess. I even cried watching Happy Feet and couldn't continue watching it, and that was probably 10 minutes into the movie. 
★ I can handle snakes and spiders but I am terrified of grasshoppers. They're unpredictable! 
★ Some of the 'day' jobs I have had include farm hand, massage therapist, fitness trainer and vintage seller.
★ I often find things funny that other people think is just plain weird! I also can be a bit mischievous ;)


★ I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

★ My last name is my real name and completely legal, it is on my drivers licence! ( Update! I am now Cherie Fox ) I have more about that here

★ I hope you enjoy my blog, lots of love, Cherie Fox ( Harmony) xx