All You Need Is Love

Wowsers, I haven't blogged for about five months and so much has happened in that time it's ridiculous.  I've been debating what direction to go with this blog ( if any ) and so since I haven't been sure and it's fallen by the wayside.

When I first started this blog I had a business with my ( then) husband designing t-shirts, I was meeting lots of interesting people and exploring places so started interviewing people and enjoying taking photos. It then evolved into a fashion blog as fashion (particularly vintage and thrifted ) is a big passion of mine. 

Well as you know life is full of twists and turns and for me, that meant the end of my marriage last year. We remained good friends and in fact, Troy continued to take photos for my blog for a while as we had no bad feelings. But of course, we knew that wouldn't continue as we both made our way to starting a new life apart. 

We had already purchased tickets to Woodford months earlier so still decided to still go together (just not 'together together' ) and I would end up going along to see one of my favourite bands who were playing. One of the band members I knew, funnily enough, I had him interviewed him for this very blog last year and we were friends on Facebook. We would usually say a quick hello when I would see him out and about since I am a big local music supporter. 

The time at Woodford was cathartic in more ways than one, between music and workshops Troy and I had a lot of talking and healing to do as we had been together since we were teenagers. We had both also recently started dating other people.

I also bought a journal there and poured my heart out into it.  After I had let my innermost thoughts spill out onto the pages I decided to make a list of what I wanted in my life. At this point, I was feeling depressed and lost and couldn't really see a positive future. I started to think my best option was to leave the Sunshine Coast and go travelling in my van.

On the morning of New Years Day at Woodford, I wrote on Facebook 'It's time to up my standards'. It wasn't a dig at anyone but more a personal affirmation to start believing I was worthy of a life of happiness. To my surprise, Rhys commented underneath asking if I wanted to meet up for a beer. I thought it would be great to catch up, it was Woodford after all and I would often see people from back home. Neither of us had any expectations or desire for a relationship, we were both just wanting a friendly ear.


Blame the magic of Woodford or perhaps just divine timing, but one thing led to another and we ended spending the rest of our time there together. Things happened fast, and unexpectantly and so when leaving for home the next day I honestly thought that he would think he made a mistake asking me for that first beer. Lucky for me he didn't! Fast forward about three months later I moved in with him and things have been amazing and beautiful and full of lots of changes and new experiences.

So now things have settled down a bit I'm going to start blogging again! I'm going to use it a bit more like a personal diary as well as fashion posts and more as I've got a lot going on and hopefully, it might be interesting to you 😊 Talk soon! 😘

PERSONALCherie Harmony