Over the weekend my friend Peta picked me up to go the Shuvani Festival  which was a medieval re-enactment focusing on the gypsy camps. I had been to the Abbey Medieval Festival earlier in the year and the gypsy camp is always my favourite so was excited to go! The festival was held in the middle of Old Petrie Town where I had not been previously. It's like a small village of old time shops with a museum etc. However we didn't really have time to look at that part of it, we were too busy in the gypsy encampment. 

We had a lot to catch up on and so wandered around taking in all the beautiful colours and costumes, I could have taken a million photos but was caught in the moment. One of the highlights was having a Turkish coffee made by Peter The Turkish Coffee Guy who not only made us a coffee each, but then read our fortune from out grinds out of the cup, referred to as 'tassology'. We shall see if his predictions come true ;)

As you wandered around you were transported in time seeing how the first gypsies lived with a lady in a gypsy caravan reading cards, another doing henna design, making of hair wreaths and more.

The festival is put on by a troupe of medieval themed artists and craftspeople in affiliation the Soul Dance School of Romani and Middle Eastern Dance.The troupe includes dancers, musicians, hobbyists, artists and families.  

Did you know? The word 'gypsy' is a European term  and most of the Romari, Domari and Lomavren people do not recognise or approve of this term. It was used to describe these nomads out of North Western India however they do not have their own collective term in their own language.

We were famished but decided to eat somewhere on the way home and found this gorgeous place called Grate Life Cafe at Dayboro which was just what we needed, great food and beautiful service.

I definitely look forward to another road trip out that way soon :)

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