It all started weeks ago when Rhys and I were out one night and bumped into a friend.  He said he'd been meaning to tell me he had noticed my photos used on Tinder. He obviously knew it wasn't me so had taken screenshots to show me. I kind of laughed it off, mainly out of embarrassment. The name was wrong and the age was wrong for starters. Was a bit strange but I had seen the show Catfish and knew scammers sometimes take photos that they find online to use to deceive people. What was a bit concerning was that the photos had come from different social media sites, the person had looked at different sites of mine to find them. I wondered if it was someone I knew? I wasn't entirely happy about it so I went to report it. By the time I had they had either removed it or someone else had reported it.




I forgot about it until weeks later I got messaged from a man through my Instagram account ( I have removed his details for his privacy) he had also taken a screen shot of the account. This time a different name and details. From this profile however, this man had managed to find me on instragram. Again I thought it was annoying, I thought someone was trying to scam people. Not necessarily be malicious toward me.


Then I googled my name because I started to wonder what else would come up. And this time it was even more ridiculous.  A fake account on the dating site Plenty of Fish. I am happily in a relationship and totally in love and have never even used these sites in my life. The weird thing was, this time most of the details were pretty close to accurate. They used my real name and my Instagram account @darkhorsewanderer. By the time I went to report it, it was deleted.



So is it just a scammer doing this? Someone trying to stir up trouble for me? Who knows. But I am taking it seriously. I could remove all my photos off social media. Not share anything with anyone and become distrustful. But that's not me. I'm not going to stop being me because someone feels its their right to steal my photos online or try and create issues for me. My man knows I love him and trusts me. I certainly don't need anyone else in my life! Anyone that knows us knows how much we love each other. But I certainly wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else and stir up trouble for them. So it's well worth being aware of what can happen when you post your life onl

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