Architects of Air created this Luminarium that has recently taken up residency at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I booked my ticket ahead of time knowing that this would be quite the experience. Shoes are taken off before entering through an airlock and into this inflatable structure. 

Seeing it from the outside it was reminiscent of a jumping castle, however there was to be no jumping here. A maze of paths to explore with pods adjoining so you could relax and take it all in, Colour and light, it was easy to feel disorientated as you made your way through.  A simple concept it seems, light shining through coloured plastic. But the experience was magical and surprisingly calm with the sound accompanying you as you moved along being of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. Transported to another world, almost futuristic. I left feeling inspired.

LIFESTYLECherie Harmony