Meenoo Organics Review

I recently had the pleasure of helping my friend and photographer Cynthia Lee for her photoshoot for Meenoo Organics. I was also given the products to try and was eager to do so as they are 100% natural ingredients. Being sensitive to alot of ingredients used in beauty and cosmetics I was keen to see how these suited me. I have been using these products for a couple of weeks now and love them.

The Inner Beauty Facial Serum was the one I was the most interested in seeing how it would react to my skin. I have rosacea that rarely flares up now I know my triggers, but even products that are 100% natural ingredients can trigger it. I have used facial serums in the past and unfortunately, they did not agree with me. This, however, I can attest has been wonderful and I have had no flare-ups at all. I have been using it after I have a shower and you only need a small amount for it to go far. My skin has not felt this smooth in a long time so I am thrilled!

I have a confession to make. I have not used a face mask in years! Again, due to rosacea, I cut out a lot of products that I used to use. I knew as soon as I put on the Australian Clay Mask product that it would be the right fit for me. Felt cool to the touch and no tingling or worrying about my rosacea being triggered. My face was left feeling smooth and I did not have any unwanted redness afterwards. Again, a little went a long way. 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free. What's not to love!


I was also given the Ylang Ylang Petitgrain Body Mousse and the Vanilla Lemon Body Mousse and have been using either of these religiously every day. Beware! Random cute dogs will come up and lick your legs as they smell ( and obviously) taste so good. At least you know that the ingredients being 100% natural won't hurt them! 

I love the consistency of the cream. Thick enough to glide on but melts under your fingertips to apply smoothly. You can tell they have really done their testing and research with these as they feel beautiful, smells beautiful and doesn't leave a greasy residue that many natural body mousse products seem to do. And believe me, I am fussy!

All in all, I am very impressed with Meenoo Organics products. Well worth the money to get beautiful products that feel like a mini spa at home.  A little goes a long way and a large percentage of the ingredients are also organic. Bonus!

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